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Business Owners' Wisdom

By Brett Kelly

About the Author

Brett was Australia's youngest Accredited Speaking Member (ASM) of the National Speakers Association of Australia. He is the best-selling author of two books 'Collective Wisdom' (1999) and 'Universal Wisdom' (2005) and the founding partner in Australia's 41st largest accounting firm; Kelly+Partners. Brett's story is living proof that he practices what he preaches.

He holds a degree in business, Master of Taxation and has more than fifteen years experience in business advisory, corporate finance and software sales roles.

Brett has been featured in major print and electronic media nationally including 'A Current Affair', The Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, JJJ - Sarah McDonald, 2UE – Stan Zemanek, Alan Jones.

In his spare time he played first grade cricket as a fast bowler and enjoys golf. He is married to Rebecca and they have two sons, Thomas and Nicholas and a daughter, Audrey.

Brett’s achievements, qualifications and experience are only surpassed by one thing... he can captivate, connect with and entertain audiences when he speaks. It’s a gift that allows him to deliver easy to implement, profitable know-how that audience members can absorb and retain. They walk away with tangible skills that can immediately improve their performance.

To find out more about Brett visit his website www.brettkelly.com.au